Power Speed Endurance is a programming, coaching & educational platform for developing sports performance, fitness and health.

It is not only for endurance athletes, coaches or just athletes seeking to improve their performance. Power Speed Endurance is for anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness through increased movement efficiency and better mechanics.

We aim to provide an answer to the common experience of injury and performance plateau. We offer a return to fundamentals by prioritizing skill development over intensity and volume. Our goal is to assist you toward your goals: to help improve performance while remaining healthy and playing the long game. We believe health, fitness, and performance are inseparable.

We provide our community with the most comprehensive and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training protocols. Principles, not processes underpin PSE. Our guiding principle is to Live UnScared.

Power and speed are critical components for all. However, endurance is the true test. Whether that means lasting until the finish line or the last breath. We are a place of knowledge where athletes can diagnose and understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and coaches can grow. We provide education, information, and tools for you to understand, treat and proceed at your own physiological ability allowing you to evolve into a more highly skilled, healthier athlete.

Our commitment to you is that we will coach, inspire, lead and educate with care, sincerity and a relentless motivation to inspire you to reach and maintain your healthiest and best self, excelling in the test of sport and life.

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Power Speed Endurance was co-founded by human performance specialist Brian Mackenzie and his wife, 2x Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist and World Champion, Erin Cafaro.

Brian pioneered a paradigm shift more than a decade ago in the endurance world. He innovated the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm through skill development and self-experimentation as an endurance athlete and coach.

He noticed the drawbacks of prioritizing training volume over skill. This quantity over quality approach produced less powerful athletes who were more prone to injury from repetitively poor movement patterns, carried unhealthy bio-markers, experienced low energy levels, and abbreviated sports longevity. The vast majority of athletes in this paradigm measured their fitness according to how they felt, looked and performed in the short term. However, that misses one vital element; long-term performance and health. Something we believe should be a part of anyone’s life.

Brian’s approach of quality over quantity took off and gave a lot of athletes an answer to their experience of injury and performance plateau. Everyone, regardless of being an endurance athlete or not, can and will benefit from a minimal dose for maximum effect in relation to what they want to accomplish. That said, we are not just about short intense distance. Volume is often necessary but must be earned as intensity allows by learning to maintain skill under stress.

Power Speed Endurance was borne from this.

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Your approach to training will directly impact experience, results, and health.

By prioritizing and emphasizing skill development over volume (quality over quantity) Power Speed Endurance incorporates the fundamental principles of movement to every sport. This exposes movement inefficiencies early on so you don’t have to learn technique the old school way through pain and repetition, which ultimately impacts your long-term performance and health. There is another path up the mountain.

With skill development prioritized we gradually increase intensity, establishing your ability to maintain skill under stress though improvements in strength, stability, speed, and power. Only once skill can be performed at higher intensity do we add volume. Volume must be earned by maintaining the skill under stress. We train for position. More is not better. Better is better. It all starts with mastering the fundamental skills; Position is King.

The framework of our metabolic/energy system and mechanical system should work together, at all times. Everything we do centers on midline prioritization; working from the inside out. This leads us to why the strength and conditioning development is so critical. We program to reflect the same functional positions we will see in our sport, and even though you may not see how a squat or a press mimics a runner or swimmer or cyclist, we actually are making these exact same shapes at some point through our movement cycle. This makes it a very important part of the Power Speed Endurance program because challenging these positions and developing them allows us to develop the sport you use as well. Learning the fundamental skills of how to move well and understanding effort can be difficult and misleading sometimes, but starting out slower or easier or having someone guide you through the process rather than just going harder can make all the difference in the world.

Our approach to training is structured, sport-specific and seamlessly integrated with fundamental strength and conditioning principles plus recovery, mobility, breathwork and nutritional resources. Power Speed Endurance’s methods emphasize skill and development of all energy pathways to produce healthier, fitter and happier athletes and human beings.