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Pick the lowest hanging fruit in health and performance.

In less than a day you can learn the exact tools to perform better, manage stress & improve health.

Imagine being able to maximise the air you breathe to go faster and stronger for longer.

Imagine improving your athlete’s training outcomes, their efficiency and most importantly, their competitive performance.

Imagine being able to rapidly reduce your stress anywhere, anytime.

You can do all this. But you need the tools.

That is where the Art of Breath comes in.

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The next clinic…

Los Angeles | Sep 28
Testimonial - Stuart McMillan, Altis

At an Art of Breath clinic you will learn,

Why you should breathe through your nose during your training so you can go harder and faster for longer.
What the diaphragm is and what it does because it may be the most important muscle you’re not using.
How to increase your tolerance to carbon dioxide because it is the key to accessing your fuel stores.
How to mobilise your upper back so you can use your lungs to their fullest.
Why your breath is the key to your mental state and how you can use it to manage the stress of everyday life.
How to use breathwork in training sessions so that you, or your clients, can benefit from the power of the breath.
NSCA CEU Approved
Testimonial - Dr. Andy Galpin

Why Does Breathing Matter?

Breathing is at the center of all that drives our health and performance. Connect to the power of the breath to enhance your life.

We can live weeks without food. We can even survive days without water. But just moments without air.


The Art of Breath connects ancient wisdom and modern science to illuminate the principles of breath control. The principles of breath control are essential for the complete expression of human potential.


Los Angeles | Sep 28
Virginia Beach | Nov 9
Testimonial - Dr. Kelly Starrett

Art of Breath principles are based on three pillars:


State is about the mental game. It’s where biology and psychology meet.
Breath offers us a tool to enhance cognitive performance in deep and lasting ways.
This means access to both better mental health in general and improved creativity and decision making.
Learn to tune-in to your physiology using breath so negative reactions to stress do not hamper your potential.


Mechanics is about movement.
Breath plays a central role in how our nervous system organizes itself.
Learn about the diaphragm, its central role in the way we move and how poor posture and movement can limit our ability to breathe efficiently.
Ultimately, poor mechanics greatly limit our ability to create and use energy efficiently.
In the clinic we use basic metrics to establish ideal position as well as learn some easy-to-use interventions.


Physiology is all about what’s going on under the hood.
We often assume that just because we are still breathing that we are being efficient. Not so.
Understanding the processes that govern how our bodies produce energy is essential if we want to maximize health and especially, performance.
In the clinic, you will take part in practical sessions that demonstrate to you exactly how simple breath control techniques can enhance your performance.

Breathwork is both universal and scalable.
No matter who you are, or what community you work with, everyone breathes.
Take advantage of this nearly limitless resource and learn how breathwork can help you, and those you care about.

Testimonial - Kyle Kingsbury
Testimonial - Dr. Belisa Vranich




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