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In less than a day you can learn the exact tools to perform better, manage stress & improve health.

Imagine being able to mix it with the big dogs in a workout and not get gassed.
Imagine being able to reduce your stress in less than 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home or at your work desk.
Imagine being able to maximise your Oxygen usage to become a fatigue resistant machine.
You can do all this. But you need the tools. That is where the Art of Breath comes in.
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Exposure Clinic Phoenix 10.06.2018 – Learn More
Connecticut 11.10.2018 – Learn More

Are you ready for the tools that will change your game?

At an Art of Breath clinic you will learn,

Why you should breathe through your nose during your training so you can go harder and faster for longer.
What the diaphragm is and what it does because it may be the most important muscle you’re not using.
How to increase your tolerance to carbon dioxide because it is the key to accessing your fuel stores.
How to mobilise your upper back so you can use your lungs to their fullest.
How your breath is the key to your mental state so that you can manage the stress of everyday life.
How to use breath work into training sessions so that you, or your clients, can enjoy the power of the breath.


EXPOSURE CLINIC – Phoenix, USA 10.06.2018
Connecticut, USA 11.10.2018
Honolulu, USA 12.08.2018
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