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You can now learn the exact breathwork tools you need to perform better, manage stress & improve health via your computer or mobile device.

Imagine being able to maximise the air you breathe to go faster and stronger for longer.

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That is where the Art of Breath comes in.

Art of Breath

Art of Breath 101: Online Course

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Are you ready for the tools that will change your game?

The Art of Breath 101: Online Course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles and practices of breathwork. This course is a distillation of in-depth research and study into a full spectrum of breathwork possibilities.. Our goal in the Art of Breath 101: Online Course is simple;

To serve as a compass for you to explore your practice with educated curiosity regardless of your goal.

Instead of developing a singular methodology the Art of Breath 101: Online Course will provide principles of understanding that connect ancient and modern breath practices with the most up to date scientific research.

The Art of Breath 101: Online Course is an introduction to the basic concepts and applications of breath control and will serve as a gateway to developing a personal practice.


PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: State
PART 3: Mechanics
PART 4: Physiology
PART 5: Practicals & Trials
PART 6: Closing

➣ 72 lectures and practicals delivered throughout the course to ensure a depth of understanding.
➣ Supporting handbook for note-taking, enhanced learning and rapid future reference.
➣ Multiple choice quiz’s to lock in what you’ve learned.
➣ Official Art of Breath Certificate upon completion.
➣ Available on desktop and mobile device for ease of access and learning.


• Learn practical tools for applying breathwork in a variety of circumstances.
• Develop an understanding of breathwork principles based on modern science.
• Be exposed to a variety of practical scenarios that allow for real time practice of breathwork in a training environment.
• Learn simple tools for better adapting to stress.
• Learn new metrics that indicate stress levels and adaptability using the breath.
• Learn simple, yet effective, movement and mobility interventions to help improve breath quality.
• Learn how to conduct personal experiments to test the protocols for yourself.
• Develop an understanding of how to tailor breathwork to suit your personal needs.

Included with the Online Lecture presentations are specially designed supplementary course handbooks to support the learning process with additional information, visual aids, and room for note-taking. These beautifully designed handbooks can be kept in digital format or can be printed and included in your home library for continuing reference.

NSCA CEU Approved
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