Weekly Sport Specific (D5)

WARM UP 10:00 – 15:00 Dynamic Mobility and Monostructural Warm Up for Sport 10:00 – 15:00 Skills and Drills of Choice TRAINING DAY 1 Choose your Sport... Swim: 4-6 x

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Monday 08/29/2016 – Strength (D5)

TRAINING NOTES Building on the strength work we've been doing the past 4 weeks. Volume continues to reduce as the load increases. All building towards new maxes next week. WARM

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Saturday 08/27/2016 or Sunday 08/28/2016 – Tempo (D4)

TRAINING NOTES Focus on maintaining pace over the longer distances. We want to learn how to gauge our intensity and pace so we can turn it on and off as

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N=1: BreathMthrFkr

N=1: BreathMthrFkr By Cody Burkhart We have all seen a baby peacefully lying asleep, its little “coos” filling the air. While you may have likely never paid attention to the breath patterns

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Friday 08/26/2016 – Conditioning w/Sport Specific Element (D4)

TRAINING NOTES The Kettlebell Arm Bar complements the shoulder stability work we're doing in the Turkish Get Up. We have used these two movements over the years to rehab and

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Thursday 08/25/2016 – Strength (D4)

TRAINING NOTES The Sumo Deadlift is an awesome posterior chain strength developer. We want that entire complex strong as it's foundational to everything we do. Is the Sumo better than

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Wednesday 08/24/2016 – Intervals (D4)

TRAINING NOTES Most of you would have noticed the change to the posting of intervals this week. Just something we're trying. We were thinking that a posting schedule of intervals

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Tuesday 08/23/2016 – Conditioning (D4)

TRAINING NOTES The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up is a great "catch all" movement for developing stability through the shoulder, midline, and hips. No matter what your sport, you need stability

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N=1: You Are The Experiment

#N=1: You Are The Experiment By Cody Burkhart N=1. A sample size of one: you. You are the test bed. You are the lab rat. The results are your own. This

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Monday 08/22/2016 – Strength (D4) + Intervals

TRAINING NOTES Continuing with our Back Squats we're reducing the volume but upping the weight again, if technique allows. The key with  building strength is small progressions over time. We

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Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford is the Director of Dietetics at Skyterra Wellness in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. In addition to her full time role at SkyTerra, Lindsay provides nutrition support and education for PSE. She is a contributor to Runjury free, Jeff Ford’s blog devoted to sharing information with endurance athletes. She has over nine years practical experience working with individuals primarily in weight-loss, endurance specific training and sports including soccer, football, golf and gymnastics. 

Lindsay’s passion pushes her every day to inspire individuals to maintain a healthy weight, achieve goals and live a more balance life while training for sports in a PSE structure. She taps into her personal and professional experience to provide foundational and current nutrition guidance. Lindsay is a former Division I collegiate soccer player and 1 x Boston Marathon Qualifier with a lifetime marathon personal record of 3:33 following the PSE model of training.