Fear: Move Past It

By Paul DeAngelis As people get older, they solidify; they’re set in their habits, and aren’t likely to change in major ways. They hurt a lot more, they’ve experiences failures, and they’ve been through the ringer. They know what it’s like out there in the real world, and that a lot of it involves some level of fear. It’s understandable to have fear; we all do! It’s human. It’s ok to be comfortable, but not all the time. Not if you want to progress and remain healthy in mind and body, as we are meant for constant adaptation. It’s the expectation of fear that makes it so hard for people to alter their habits.

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Silent Running

By Brian Mackenzie Ever heard the saying, “Never heard them coming”? While this may apply to many things, most of which being stealth or under the radar, this could not be more applicable to human movement. Running plays one of the most functional roles in movement. Especially for Military or Law Enforcement Personnel whose lives may depend on this fact. If you show up to any foot race you will get a greater understanding of this quickly.

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Friday: Conditioning (C5)

Training Notes Add weight to the sled drags this week, reduced rest period. Conditioning is rapid fire don't go out too hot and settle into a pace. Warm Up and

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Thursday: Strength (C5)

Training Notes Run drills similar to last week with variation. Add weight to the pause squats as well as accessory single leg work. Raw strength on the rope climbs focus

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Wednesday: Rest or Intervals (C5)

Rest Day from Strength and Conditioning Execute Intervals as Desired Weekly Intervals (C5) Yesterday's Two Minute Tuesday Strength Training as a Diagnostic Tool

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Tuesday: Conditioning (C5)

Training Notes Warming up the ankles and feet a must today. Focus on continued development of foot strength and mechanics. Keep hips in alignment with feet and shoulders on side

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Monday: Weekly Intervals (C5)

Training Notes Volume rising for the last two weeks of cycle. Manage paces accordingly and compare progression from week one intervals. Pick pace per MI/KM prior to stamina effort should

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Monday: Strength (C5)

Training Notes Build on deadlifts from last week focusing on a quality setup. Build up weight on the dips during the accessory work if not weighted attempt a tougher scaling

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Friday: Conditioning (C4)

Training Notes Take your time moving thru the warm up today focusing on maintaining elbows in the correct pressing mechanics. Sled drags should be a manageable weight walk/run backwards keeping

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Thursday: Strength (C4)

Training Notes Long warm up focused around improving basic mobility patterns. Regardless of your sport, take time to practice the skill of running today, focus on fast turnover and quiet

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Wednesday: Rest or Intervals (C4)

Rest Day from Strength and Conditioning Execute Intervals as Desired Weekly Intervals (C4) Did you catch yesterday's Two Minute Tuesday? What Runners Say - Miles Equal Speed

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Tuesday: Conditioning (C4)

Training Notes Spend extra time on your ankle mobility if you have restrictions. Todays focus is on developing foot strength and mechanics while continuing to engrain the hollow body position.

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Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford is the Director of Dietetics at Skyterra Wellness in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. In addition to her full time role at SkyTerra, Lindsay provides nutrition support and education for PSE. She is a contributor to Runjury free, Jeff Ford’s blog devoted to sharing information with endurance athletes. She has over nine years practical experience working with individuals primarily in weight-loss, endurance specific training and sports including soccer, football, golf and gymnastics.


Lindsay’s passion pushes her every day to inspire individuals to maintain a healthy weight, achieve goals and live a more balance life while training for sports in a PSE structure. She taps into her personal and professional experience to provide foundational and current nutrition guidance. Lindsay is a former Division I collegiate soccer player and 1 x Boston Marathon Qualifier with a lifetime marathon personal record of 3:33 following the PSE model of training.