Kevin Art of Breath Coach

Kevin Kirsch


Kevin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and performance coach in Boulder, Colorado who specializes in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance. Originally from Philadelphia, he moved to Colorado in 2015 after graduating from Thomas Jefferson University.

An athlete all his life, Kevin played collegiate soccer at Saint Joseph’s University before competing for Team Crossfit 215 at Mid Atlantic Regionals in 2012. He has since transitioned to coaching where he has helped multiple athletes compete at a national level in USAW, USAPL, and functional fitness events. In addition to treating patients and coaching, Kevin is a staff member for Power Speed Endurance teaching the Art of Breath course at facilities around the country.

Kevin’s goal is to maximize each athlete’s individual potential by enhancing movement capacity, proper, mindset, and intelligent program design. It is his belief that establishing a proper base through mastery of principles allows everyone to maximize performance in and out of the gym.