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Do you gas out sooner than you’d like in workouts?
Want to recover faster during and between events on comp days?
Just want a better engine?

The Competitor Endurance Program is the culmination of many years spent coaching elite and amateur athletes, personal study into decades of human performance research and application, and the latest research into the breath.

This program is intended as a supplement to your regular strength & conditioning training. It is specifically designed to increase your aerobic efficiency and enhance your recovery during and between training sessions or events.

This program combines monostructural interval and stamina training along with breathwork practices to optimise your performance. It is based on the personal endurance and breathwork training programs we have developed for many elite athletes across a variety of sports including CrossFit Games™ Champion Tia-Claire Toomey and CrossFit Games athletes James Newbury, Khan Porter, Zeke Groves, Dani Horan and Scott and Saxon Panchik.

The Competitor Endurance Program will be available from Monday 25th March 2019.
It can be purchased as individual 9-week training cycles or as a complete 6-month discounted training package (3 x 9-week cycles).

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