Erika Running

In our latest member feature, meet PSE PRO Run member Erika from Rocky Point, NY.

What obstacle/s were you facing when you decided to join the PSE PRO program?
My stubbornness, which still exists. I’m working on trying to find the right mix of a lot of different things – long distance, speed, strength – and finding a way to fit it all in with the resources/time/mentality that I have. I can’t seem to give up those longish cardio type workouts.

How has PSE PRO helped you overcome that/those obstacle/s?
It has definitely given me a nice program of interval type workouts – specifically in the running area which is my comfort zone. I struggle with the strength days because I tend to just do whatever my current CrossFitâ„¢ box has programmed. I struggle with making the full commitment to the weekly schedule for that reason. It’s a combo of being too much of a wimp to ask my box owners to just use their equipment to do my own thing, and the fact that I do enjoy group classes.

What does PSE PRO provide that you value the most?
I love seeing the weekly plans.. and the ability to ask questions and get great responses. Also seeing other peoples questions/results.

What have been your results or the impact on your life from training with PSE PRO?
It is really helpful to have an overall idea of a plan even though I’m not entirely sure of my goals. I really appreciate the responses to questions and overall having a coach. I do feel like I have made improvements… but I could be better if I committed more… my fault!!

Why did you choose to join PSE over another program/service?
I like CrossFitâ„¢… but sometimes I think that my interests/abilities are more in line with endurance type events. I like long, not short and fast. This seemed to be a good balance. Plus, every coach I’ve communicated with has been so supportive and positive.

What would you tell others who may be considering joining PSE?
Definitely do it!!!! I’ve mentioned you guys to a bunch of people already.

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