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The cold and the heat provide a very formal meeting of stress. Our immediate reaction to extreme temperature is that of a sympathetic state (fight, flight, freeze).

Learning how to react becomes the foundation of using these mediums in a therapeutic or holistic practice. The quickest solution we’ve yet to find is through the breath. If we hyperventilate we send the sympathetic response into overdrive, but if we slow it down and focus on the depth of our breath, we can literally trick the mind into a Parasympathetic relaxed state… allowing for the training to actually begin.

The AOB EXPOSURE Clinic will introduce you to the benefits and methodology behind extreme temperature training and breathing.  Through a variety of simple and effective teaching tools we will help you build a practice and give you a platform to experiment and learn from.

The Art of Breath (AoB) is a program developed by our Head of Breathing Rob Wilson and Coach Brian MacKenzie.  AOB participants will walk away with an experience based understanding of how using the most fundamental elements of air, water, and fire can affect both short term performance and long term health.  The AoB purpose is to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the physiological process so that each person can ultimately tailor their own performance and wellness practice to his or her individual needs.

AOB EXPOSURE Clinic will cover:

  • How breathing effects movement and performance
  • Cold immersion physiology, applications and practices for adaptation and recovery
  • Heat training physiology, applications and practices for adaptation and recovery
  • Basic breathing protocols  to use pre-training, exercising, recovering, and adapting to Hot and Cold
  • Breathing mechanics and mobility strategies to improve position

Take your health to the next level by gaining a deeper understanding of the most fundamental aspects of life.


*NOTE: This Clinic can be used in conjunction or independent of the AOB Breathing Clinic.

Lindsay Ford

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Lindsay Ford is the Director of Dietetics at Skyterra Wellness in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. In addition to her full time role at SkyTerra, Lindsay provides nutrition support and education for PSE. She is a contributor to Runjury free, Jeff Ford’s blog devoted to sharing information with endurance athletes. She has over nine years practical experience working with individuals primarily in weight-loss, endurance specific training and sports including soccer, football, golf and gymnastics. 

Lindsay’s passion pushes her every day to inspire individuals to maintain a healthy weight, achieve goals and live a more balance life while training for sports in a PSE structure. She taps into her personal and professional experience to provide foundational and current nutrition guidance. Lindsay is a former Division I collegiate soccer player and 1 x Boston Marathon Qualifier with a lifetime marathon personal record of 3:33 following the PSE model of training.