PSE Member feature - jamesIn our latest member feature, meet PSE PRO member James from Huntington, NY.

What obstacle/s were you facing when you decided to join the PSE PRO program?
Uncertainty leaving CompTrain for a new program… overtraining issues, clarifying longevity goals, was getting a bit burned out training.

How has PSE PRO helped you overcome that/those obstacle/s?
I use the tactical programming and it has been a welcome change of pace. I have built some strength and new levels of aerobic conditioning.

What does PSE PRO provide that you value the most?
Diversity of programming. Giving me the programming a week ahead of time allows me to go into the week relaxed and looking forward to what’s coming.

What have been your results or the impact on your life from training with PSE PRO?
Aerobic base and brute force strength.

Why did you choose to join PSE over another program/service?
I dug Brian McKenzie’s interviews and I started following the Instagram page. I was really curious about some of the workouts posted from the various programs – a hypoxic workout in particular was a blow me away moment. After getting my ass kicked by simply carrying a kettlebell front racked holding my breath and seconds later gasping for air made me realize there was a whole lot more to fitness than just WOD’ing to death.

What would you tell others who may be considering joining PSE?
Especially in the tactical world, I would say here is a program that will give you mixed energy system training, strength and power building, with a taste of some bleeding edge theories on performance.

PSE Member feature - james