For years UnScared has been a word used to describe our philosophy.

Many believe UnScared to be about having no fear. But that could not be further from the truth. Fear is necessary for survival. Without fear, we would literally die crossing the street.

Fear is important and natural. We do not try to remove fear. Doing so stagnates growth as a person and an athlete. It removes the ability to learn as an adult, as we are active learners; we must actively engage in something to learn.

Rather than ignore or avoid fear, we encourage you to build a relationship with it. Exposing yourself to fear is how you grow. This is UnScared; the art of dealing with fear. A mindset of continually unlocking greater levels of your potential.

We all have fears including the fear of our own potential and the fear of not testing it. Fear of making the wrong decision and fear of taking responsibility for the results. We often offload this fear onto external things; a coach, a program. We search for the magic pill that makes the decisions for us and can take the blame if we fail. But there is no magic pill. The remedy lies within.


PSE is founded on principles, not processes.

There is no universal perfect process because everyone is different. Therefore to express the incredible potential you have, you must develop and refine your own process. This is paramount. To do this requires you to expose yourself to situations, ideas and thought-processes you fear. To expose yourself to discomfort and failure. To open yourself to learning. Yes, it can be intimidating and it is not easy. But that is where the benefit is found.

Our goal is to provide you with the fundamental principles of the UnScared mindset and to encourage you on your path.

Be the experiment, expose yourself, test out new ideas and processes. Fail, learn, adapt, try again, succeed. Tune in with how you feel and react and when you do, absorb what is useful and reject that which is not.

We encourage you to think, feel and apply. You are your own greatest experiment. Grow and evolve as a person and an athlete. Ironically, comfort is derived from discomfort and to Live UnScared is to understand this.

Our coaches and community are here to support, educate and encourage you on this journey. Be ready to not be spoon-fed, but to instead, build on the principles we offer. We’ll provide our perspectives and listen to yours. We are not only teachers but also students. Likewise, you are not only students but also teachers. We are all on the same journey.

Are you ready to respect and acknowledge your fears?

Are you ready to Live UnScared?