The PSE Breathe Programs are separated into 3 primary sections,

While these 3 sections can never be truly separated we are emphazising focus on particular qualities.

The programs can be performed in any order. However they lend themselves best to being done in order. We highly recommend performing the Mechanics programs first. Basic control over these skills will only serve to greatly enhance your results in more advanced work. Walk then run.

Afterwards, choose the program that best serves your particular interest or goal. The Nasal Development Program is part of both the Mechanics and Physiology sections. This is on purpose. Optimised nasal breathing has far reaching consequences for all breath work pathways. Don’t skip it!

Recommended Order of Completion
PSE PRO PLUS – Breath Mechanics #1
PSE PRO PLUS – Nasal Breathing Development #1
PSE PRO PLUS – Energy System Control

You can also learn more about breath work via any one of our PSE PRO sports training programs – Run | Bike | Swim | Row | Tri | Tactical | Move, or
by attending an Art of Breath clinic.