• Brian Mackenzie Consult

    Get one-on-one coaching with PSE Founder and human performance specialist Brian Mackenzie. Go over Breathing, Recovery, Training, Strength and Condition, Endurance, Programming, Sports Specifics, Mechanics, Injuries, and Nutrition. You can take your consultation over the Phone or Zoom.

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  • Welcome to Energy System Control - a method of simply and effectively finding multiple gears to perform your best no matter the conditions.

    You will learn:

    • Exactly what the “Gear System” of breath is and how to use it so you can dial your fuel use up and down just like using the gears in your car.
    • What specific breath patterns do to your body chemistry, what that means for your performance, and how to use them.
    • How your breathing effects recovery so you can recover faster during and after sessions so you can perform better
    • How to use your breath to get the most from your training time because no one likes wasting time.
    • How using the “Gear System” will give you an advantage over your competitors.

    You will receive:

    • 4 training phases with 3 days per phase delivered via a downloadable PDF.
    • Detailed coaching program on how to use your breath to optimize your work capacity.
    • Exercise and protocol demo video’s.
    • A program that is designed to be completely integrated into your existing strength and conditioning work.

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    The Energy System Control webinar delves deep into the principles and methods behind The Program. Presented by Energy System Control creator and Art of Breath co-founder, Rob Wilson, this bonus webinar perfectly complements The Program by giving you deep explanations and demonstrations of the system so that you develop a sound understanding of how the gears work, why they’re important and how to best use them.

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