Breath Assessment


Breathing’s relationship to stress is synonymous. When we are stressed, breathing patterns become shallow and fast. When we are relaxed, breathing patterns generally open up and slow down.

Stress is physical and it can also be mental. Whether your stress manifests from physical or mental/internal is the chicken or the egg.  We really aren’t concerned with which came first, only with how we can learn from it.

The BREATH ASSESSMENT is designed to give you a starting place to begin a breath practice that can give you immediate feedback on the breathing exercise. Based off the test you will be given a personal breathing protocol set that is designed to help increase your tolerance of CO2 and also give you options on how to destress or down regulate quickly and effectively. Whether you are overwhelmed, in the middle of a stressful situation, or you would just like to start the day off right, the Breathing Assessment protocols can help alter your mindset and physiology where working out more, or just doing less will not. 

The BREATH ASSESSMENT is for anyone from elite athletes to elder immobile populations. In our trials (with a minimum of 10 minutes per day) we have observed:

  • Calmer state
  • Faster recovery
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better warm up times (finding sweet spot sooner)
  • Better tissue response to mobility
  • Lower respiration rate
  • Better immune system

It is advised that you establish 4-8 weeks of consistent breath work with the BREATH ASSESSMENT protocols before retesting.  It is a great place to start before diving into more advanced breathing protocols and programs like PSE BREATHE


  • Emotional Reactivity Test and Assessment
  • Personalized morning, evening, and stress breathing numbers and protocols
  • Access to a PSE BREATHE Coach for followup questions and support

*After purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Please download the Breath Assessment on the confirmation email for the link to the test. After completion of the test you will be emailed your Breath Assessment within 7 days. 



The BREATH ASSESSMENT is based off of our emotional reactivity and its relationship to CO2 tolerance in the lungs. This test is based on “The Emotion Reactivity Scale: Development, Evaluation, and Relation to Self-Injurious Thoughts and Behaviors Test (For more information please click here)

The intake on the BREATH ASSESSMENT gives us an ability to understand more of daily behaviors along with your own management of carbon dioxide, levels of anxiousness and mechanics through a basic Breath Test . This in essence lets us extrapolate a fingerprint of what may or may not work for you and where to start in terms of breathing protocols, as there are many and not all have the same effect on the same people