Competitor Endurance Program


Do you gas out sooner than you’d like in workouts?
Want to recover faster during and between events on comp days?
Just want a better engine?

The Competitor Endurance Program is the culmination of many years spent coaching elite and amateur athletes, personal study into decades of human performance research and application, and the latest research into the breath.

It combines monostructural interval and stamina training (Run, Row, Bike, Ski Erg or Air Bike) along with breathwork practices to optimise your performance.

The Competitor Endurance Program has been developed by our Director of Training, Jason Donaldson and PSE’s founder Brian MacKenzie and is based on the personal endurance and breathwork training programs we have developed for many elite athletes across a variety of sports including CrossFit Games™ Champion Tia-Claire Toomey and CrossFit Games athletes James Newbury, Khan Porter, Zeke Groves, Dani Horan and Scott and Saxon Panchik.

 This program is specifically designed to increase your aerobic efficiency and enhance your recovery during and between training sessions or events and is intended as a supplement to your regular strength & conditioning training.

Brian MacKenzie has helped me improve my endurance and breathing, and taught me a lot about recovery. Since working with Brian I have qualified for The CrossFit Games five times as an individual. The breathwork is a game changer. At the 2018 Games we had to row a marathon. After speaking with Brian I did all but the last 2k with nasal breathing only. This kept my heart rate under control and helped prevent cramping. During all of the running events, I used nasal breathing to keep my breathing regulated and my body under control. Nasal breathing forces me to breathe properly. I’m thankful for having Brian & the Power Speed Endurance team helping me. If you’re looking to improve your endurance on any sport and want to learn how to breathe properly you should check out the Competitor Endurance Program!
~ Dani Horan
5x CrossFit Games Athlete

The Competitor Endurance Program is divided into 3x 9-week training cycles (A, B and C Cycles).
It consists of 3 training sessions per week*;
1 session each of short intervals, long intervals and stamina.
*There are 4 training sessions in Week 1 of Cycle A, and Week 9 of Cycles B & C due to the metabolic assessments and retests. 

For years I have struggled with endurance type pieces. I’ve worked tirelessly on it the last 2 years with just minor improvements. Repeatedly being exposed by them in competition environments had me seeking something different. I believe there are very few of us that truely know how their body is handling stress both inside and out of their training environment . Becoming aware of my breathing habits  has helped me to become entirely present in every piece/workout that I am doing helping me understand what is needed in each session I complete. If you are looking for a 1%er that will improve the other 99% of your training I highly recommended the PSE Competitor Endurance Program.
~ Zeke Grove
3x CrossFit Games Athlete

You can purchase each training cycle individually or as a complete 6-month discounted package.
The program can be followed via the PSE desktop site or on the official PSE PRO App on iOS and Android


Equipment Required:
• A monostructural piece of equipment such as a Non-Motorised Treadmill (Eg, Woodway Curve, Truform Runner, Assault Air Runner), Concept 2 Row, Ski or Bike erg, Air Bike (Eg, Assault Bike, Schwinn Air Dyne, Rogue Echo Bike) or a Stationary Bike (Eg, Watt Bike, Concept 2 Bike Erg)
• A chest-strap based heart rate monitor is beneficial but not essential.

3 seperate training cycles each targeting different endurance adaptations;

Cycle A
Base Nasal Aerobic Threshold Development
29 TOTAL Training sessions over 9 weeks
9 Sessions each of Short Intervals (SI), Long Intervals (LI) & Stamina.
1 Metabolic Assessment and 1 Metabolic Retest
Static Apnea Tables

Cycle B
Aerobic to Anaerobic Threshold Development
28 TOTAL Training sessions over 9 weeks
9 Sessions each of Short Intervals (SI), Long Intervals (LI) & Stamina.
1 Metabolic Retest
Static Apnea Tables

Cycle C
Anaerobic Threshold – Peak Development
28 TOTAL Training sessions over 9 weeks
9 Sessions each of Short Intervals (SI), Long Intervals (LI) & Stamina.
1 Metabolic Retest
Static Apnea Tables

All training sessions include;
• Coaches Notes.
• Pre, Intra and Post Training Breathwork.
• Prescriptive Interval or Stamina training instructions.
• Warm Up and Recovery Prescriptions.
• Video exercise demonstrations and Coaching instructions.

The Competitor Endurance Program also includes developmental breathwork and instruction aimed at improving how efficiently you use Oxygen.

***After purchase, the Competitor Endurance Program can be accessed as follows:
Desktop: via powerspeedendurance.com –> Train With Us (in top menu bar) –> My Training Courses
PSE PRO App (iOS/Android): Login in –> select My Training Courses from the main menu

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