Fuel Foundations


Welcome to PSE Fuel Foundations – a dietitian designed program for optimizing your nutrition.

This 4-Phase Nutrition Program has been created by PSE Fuel Head Coach and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Ford to help you navigate the confusing world of fad diets, nutrition myths and Insta experts.

Fuel Foundations is your ground zero in building sustainable, healthy nutrition practices. It is Foundational.

When you purchase Fuel Foundations you are purchasing the freedom to choose and design a nutrition program that works for you, your family and your life.

With special features that deal with common nutrition pitfalls like eating out, travelling and dealing with alcohol, Lindsay’s Fuel Foundations program has your back. It’s almost like having Lindsay right there with you as you make your nutrition decisions.


> Build a strong, nutrient dense base for overall health.

> Learn the central principles of nutrition.

> Have greater energy and an improved mood.

> Develop the confidence to make wiser food choices.

> Learn to prioritize, plan and prepare.

> Declutter your kitchen and stock essential tools & ingredients.

> Improve your eating behaviors; the key to making a lasting change.

> 4-Phase Program that you can follow at your own pace.

> 30+ Simple, Nutrient Dense Recipes.

> Supporting Video Content.

> Professional Research and Information.

> Downloadable and Printable PDF.


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