Nutrition is the fundamental building block of any good training program.

Get one on one virtual coaching with PSE Nutrition Coach and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Ford.
Whether your goal is weight loss, maximum performance or just good healthy living Lindsay can help guide you on the path to optimal health. She is not like normal RD’s that copy and paste the RDA’s suggestions. Lindsay is a student of nutrition and constantly learning and evolving her methods to help find the best nutritional lifestyle for each individual.

After product purchase you will be sent an in depth Nutrition Assessment Form to fill out. Once we receive the completed form, Lindsay will be in contact with you to set up your one on one private consultation. After consult, Lindsay will then provide you with a Personalized Nutrition Action Plan going forward PLUS a Personalized 4 Week Meal Plan with simple but delicious meals.

You will get a 30′ Followup 4 weeks later to assess any changes and updates you might need in your Nutrition Action Plan to dial you in and keep you running like a high octane sports car!

*Note: After purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Please download the Nutrition Assessment form on the confirmation email and fill out to help Lindsay understand how best to help you be the best version of you! All consults are either on Phone, Skype, Google Hangout.

+If you are looking for the full spectrum of Training and Nutritional Guidance, then check out the Individual Program or  PSE Coach Consult. Our Team will work together to give you Individualized and specific Action Plans or Programs to get you where you want to be.

+30′ Initial Consultation
+Personalized Nutrition Action Plan
+4 Week Personalized Meal Plan
+30′ followup 4 Weeks later
+Adjusted Nutrition Action Plan