Sleep Assessment + Consult


Sleep is a key pillar of health and performance. Some say it’s the King of recovery. We agree.

Get one-on-one virtual coaching with PSE Sleep Consultant and Sleep Science expert, Dr. Ian Dunican.

Whether your goal is maximum performance or just good healthy living, Ian can help guide you on the path to optimising your sleep. An accomplished athlete himself, Ian walks the talk and has used his vast practical knowledge in conjunction with his theoretical learnings to assist many athletes, professional and amateur, achieve their goals.


  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment
  • Consultation w/ Dr. Ian Dunican
  • Personalized Sleep Action Plan

*After purchase you will be shown an order confirmation screen. This screen contains a link to download and complete the Sleep Assessment Questionnaire. It is also contained in the confirmation email sent to you upon purchase. Please complete the Sleep Assessment Questionnaire as soon as possible. When completed, Dr. Dunican will contact you to set up your one-on-one private consultation to review your assessment.

*NOTE: Our coach’s advice does not replace the advice of a medical practitioner. For serious issues we will refer you to a licensed physician.

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