pselogoAt PSE, our goal is to cultivate a community that appreciates the basics and is hungry to learn more.

Enter our next project: PSE Kitchen.

PSE Kitchen will be a nutrition platform that provides purposeful recipes to match your training output and also education about the food with which you’re fueling your body. This is not the typical breakfast/lunch/dinner Cook With Sally recipe blog. It will be a growing library of meals and snacks, created by a nutrition professional. Our recipes will be categorized to help you understand what to choose to best to fuel or recover, from on-the-go snacks to pack up for travel or racing to full spectrum macro-rich meals to cook for the entire family. Every single recipe will have a macro breakdown so you can fit it to your personal nutrition goals and better understand the roles carbs, fat, and protein play on your energy and satiety.

The driver behind the wheel at PSE Kitchen is our own PSE Nutrition Coach Lindsay Ford. She is an athlete and screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-8-02-24-amalso a Registered Dietician who has coached herself and helped hundreds of other athletes to their performance goals through a good foundational nutrition plan. Her vision for PSE Kitchen is to emphasize performance along with long-term health and happiness in our relationship with food. For so many of us, diets can become restrictive, confining and unrealistic.  Lindsay’s expertise will provide variety to real food with purpose towards your goals as they relate to the programming on PSE PRO.

PSE Kitchen: Manageable, Purposeful, Realistic

Lindsay is intent about providing reliable and relatable information to help promote athletes’ health and performance. There are numerous resources available all over the web that follow a specifically strict diet, but often with devastating effects on an athlete’s psyche, performance, or long term health. PSE Kitchen will provide manageable and delicious recipes specifically for the active athlete, with the end goal of sustainability for the long term.

“So many programs and meal plans can be complicated and overwhelming, with bland food no one wants to eat,” Lindsay says. “With food, incorporating variety feeds the body and the mind in the same ways.” After all, variety with seasons and areas is in our DNA.

Lindsay’s experiences within the athletic world and nutritional culinary world will provide a highly beneficial food platform for everyone in PSE Kitchen.

The End and the Beginning

Several years ago in Lindsay’s freshman year at Ball State, she experienced first hand the ups and downs of what it is like to play teams sports at a high level. She was pursuing a degree in exercise science and balancing the pressures of being a Division I athlete. But off the fields and out of the classroom, she had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. When she dropped to 106 pounds and 9 percent body fat, her doctor told her she could not continue to play soccer in her current condition. Her heart had atrophied to the point where just standing still caused overexertion. This is what drove her to wanting to understand nutrition at a very deep level and want to help others. Many sports require weight cuts, or promote lighter athletes, yet most coaches tend to not understand the principles of metabolism and proper caloric restriction or eating habits.

Human beings are interesting in that if we go through enough pain or discomfort that is consistent enough, we inevitably search for a change that alters the axis of our lives. We all have gone through this and will most likely continue to make changes through this process. Nutrition is no different in that if you are not getting the results you want, you are irritable all the time, blood work isn’t optimal, dealing with disease, or performance continues to suffer, you just might be ready and willing to change it. The goal of PSE Kitchen is to provide you with the stimulus of what it feels like to have a positive change. Lindsay’s experience and background have allowed her to make this the priority in her life and it is why we’ve created this program with her.

PSE Kitchen Coach

fullsizerender-50Although Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian, she would prefer being called a Nutrition Coach.  Whether she’s working with athletes or not, she guides people down the path of optimal performance and recovery and also helps them become more confident in their food choices.

“Just like a running coach or a soccer coach, anything you do can hinder an athlete’s mental state,” Lindsay says. “You’ve got to do everything in your power to keep athletes’ minds in a positive place. That’s where the coaching can come in on the nutrition side.”

PSE Kitchen will be available to all very soon. Keep an eye on our website and social media for release dates.