PSE PRO Featured Athlete: Amanda Nefe

When we asked PSE PRO member Amanda Nefe to answer a couple questions, we knew she was busy, but we didn’t realize how busy. Amanda graciously took the time to answer a few questions between juggling her four kids, finishing her PSE PRO Training of the day… and fixing a leak in the ceiling. She is a boss.  

IMG_2850 (1)PSE: When did you start training with PSE?

Amanda: I went to an Endurance Seminar in 2010 with Brian MacKenzie. Man oh man that was the BEST decision I have ever made to this day! Brian forever changed my life after that seminar. Adding in the speed work along with medium-weight high-intensity workouts he and his coaches programs have made me accomplish more than I have ever dreamed I would.

PSE: How did your training and results change?

Amanda: Before 2010 I used to run a consistent 12-minute mile for 5+ miles. My fastest 1-mile time was around 8:30. Three months after starting Brian’s programming I ran 1 mile in 6:36.
A few months after that I did a 10-mile race finishing in 1:30, holding a steady 9-minute mile the whole time.
And then a few months after that I did a 22-mile race and then a 50K. My times were not great on those long distances, since I had never done them before, so I worked on my speed and strength with the programming that Brain made up for all of his followers. That next year I did the 22-mile race again and improved by 2 hours! I did the 50K again and improved by over 1 hour.

Now fast forward to today and two babies later I am able to stay strong for my kids and enjoy my favorite sport, running. Other fitness accomplishments PSE have helped give me AFTER having 2 more kids:

  • 1 RM Front Squat went from 115 to 135.
  • 3 RM Deadlift went from 145 to 185.
  • After years away from the rower, the last 2 1/2 months my 500m pace went from 2:24 to 1:57.
  • I can do 10 pullups with 15lb vest on
  • Body fat went down 7% in 2 1/2 months (thanks to rower and suffering, along with solid diet)

PSE: You are a superwoman! What else has helped contribute to your success?

Amanda: Most important is that I have had to learn to suffer better. Pushing past comfort on anything is hard as hell! I don’t push with weight but I push with running and rowing. I actually rarely lift more than 55 lbs, especially overhead, which is why I cannot believe I am stronger now than 5 years ago. As a mother of four I would never be able to do what I can today if it weren’t for PSE. My local gym was breaking me with their “Lift as heavy as possible all the time” mentality. Big and bulky as a runner does not work for me. It slows me down. PSE is PERFECT for endurance training and practical weighted workouts with the lifelong athlete in mind ALL THE TIME! I have been a follower for 7 years and will be a follower for life! You will not find a better community to be a part of, you just won’t.

PSE: We love you too Amanda 🙂

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Lindsay Ford

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Lindsay Ford is the Director of Dietetics at Skyterra Wellness in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. In addition to her full time role at SkyTerra, Lindsay provides nutrition support and education for PSE. She is a contributor to Runjury free, Jeff Ford’s blog devoted to sharing information with endurance athletes. She has over nine years practical experience working with individuals primarily in weight-loss, endurance specific training and sports including soccer, football, golf and gymnastics. 

Lindsay’s passion pushes her every day to inspire individuals to maintain a healthy weight, achieve goals and live a more balance life while training for sports in a PSE structure. She taps into her personal and professional experience to provide foundational and current nutrition guidance. Lindsay is a former Division I collegiate soccer player and 1 x Boston Marathon Qualifier with a lifetime marathon personal record of 3:33 following the PSE model of training.