The answer is a simple one but it’s also going to take some work and awareness on your behalf. The answer to this oft-asked question is, it depends.

Sometimes it will be specified in your programming that the work is to be done with nasal breathing only, usually as a way of regulating intensity, developing aerobic efficiency improving CO2 Tolerance and building your nasal breathing capacity. But when that’s not specified, what should you do?

Ultimately we want you to;
1) Develop your aerobic efficiency
2) Build your nasal breathing capacity
3) Improve your tolerance to Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
4) Develop skill in using your Gears

These are all related. 1) will affect 2) and 3), all will help with 4), and vice versa.

To do all of this you need to expose yourself to nasal breathing at various intensities, but you also need to learn when to switch Gears.

This comes about via experimentation and practice on your behalf as well as tuning into your body, your performance, developing self-awareness and tweaking things as necessary.

When nasal breathing only is NOT specified, check-in with yourself;

• How is my nasal breathing capacity?
• What’s my aerobic efficiency like?
• Where’s my skill level at with using my Gears?

When you regularly ask yourself these questions, and you develop self-awareness, you’ll know whether you should roll with nasal only or use your gears.