Brandon PetelinThe PSE training methods have been invaluable to my ultra-running and adventure racing success. The low-volume, high intensity programming has made me an overall better athlete. For example, I can run 100 miles, be back at the gym the next day, and then PR my clean 4 days later; I remain competitive at most distances; and I haven’t really had any injuries in four years. I’ve done a lot of ultras at this point, and I typically finish in the top 5-10% at all distances. Coaching-wise, I’ve had a lot of athletes succeed in their first ultra and/or PR at various distances. Brandon Peletin is an endurance coach at CrossFit Balance, a competitive Ultra-Runner (50km, 50 miles, 100+ miles) who ran sub-24 hours for 100 miles – Old Dominion and was the 7th Place Finisher at Grand-to-Grand Ultra (Self-supported 167 Miler)