By Jason Donaldson
PSE Director of Training

I’ve worked from home for quite a few years now. While it definitely has benefits and sure beats the 20-years of shift work I did, it’s not the #laptoplifestyle many think it is.

The most difficult aspects I’ve found are learning how to create a distinction between work and home, and having a routine that enhances productivity.

Here are 10 things I’ve found help me minimise stress and stay productive.

1) Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.

2) Have a morning routine. Mine used to involve a swim at the local pool, a sauna + breathwork and a coffee while I journaled and read. Now it’s a beach swim, meditation, read and journal over coffee. Similar but different. If the rules change or I deem it no longer safe to head to the beach, it will change again.

3) Shower and get dressed – business casual is fine. Pyjamas are not. Pants off Friday is a thing.

4) Set and stick to regular work hours.

5) Set up a dedicated workspace (if possible)

6) Use a timer. I use the free version of an App on my laptop called Be Focused. I have it set for 25-min work periods with 5-min breaks. After every 4th work period is a longer, 15-min break. During your break, move. Get outside if possible. Get some sun. A 5-min movement flow is perfect or go for a walk if that’s an option. We are nature. We need nature. We need movement.

7) Keep your usual meal times.

8) Break for lunch and eat it away from the dedicated workspace you’ve set up.

9) Stay hydrated.

10) Experiment with different exercise times. Find what works best for you. You may have been a before work exerciser, but now you have some flexibility you may find mid-morning works best for you. N=1. Be the experiment.

Do you work from home? What are some things you’ve found help get shi*t done?