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Imagine a piece of technology that’s always with you, monitors every physiological need, keeps your chemistry in harmony and integrates with your internal and external environment. It would be an incredibly powerful tool, tying you into your every thought, movement and emotion.

What if this piece of tech communicates the required changes to optimize yourself for any task or situation at any moment, plus is the tool to change it? Would you buy it?

None of us have to. This technology already exists. It is your BREATH.

It’s always there. Keeping you alive. Inextricably connected to monitors deep in your brain that help regulate so much of what drives your behavior. It’s hardwired into our DNA. For thousands of years people knew about this and described how to use it. It’s not enough simply to exist with it. You must use your unique human gifts to understand and manipulate its use for the maximum benefit of both yourself and those around you.

We are here to help you learn how to reconnect and understand this incredible technology. Below we layout the tools, resources and services to move towards a deeper understanding of not just breath work, but YOUR breath work.

The BREATH. It is with you from your first moment when you surge forth into this world, until your last moment when you let out your last gasp of air and drift into the world of the unconscious.



We recommend everyone start with the fundamentals. PSE PRO Plus is a suite of supplementary programs designed to address specific areas of your sport, performance or life from a developmental and educational perspective. Our first two programs within our Breathe framework; Breathing Mechanics #1 and Nasal Breathing Development #1, are live with many more in the works.


For a deeper dive into the science and practice of the breath attend one of our full-day clinics. You will learn breathing anatomy and physiology plus tools and breathing protocols to positively impact your performance, recovery, and overall health.


The Art of Breath Online course is a principles based approach to understanding the fundamentals of the breath as a potent and practical tool to start to grab the reigns of our deep physiology in order to optimize our lives and sport performance.
Coming in 2018…


Take our breath assessment to receive bespoke breathing protocols that are designed to improve how you use oxygen and will give you options for managing stress and performance.


Perform the CO2 Tolerance test and immediately receive general breathing protocols to commence your exploration of breath work.


For those interested in breathing from a sport performance standpoint, follow one of our PSE PRO daily programs. All employ breath work pre, during + post training to develop your understanding and capacity. Also you have full access to PSE Breath – full of exclusive content for our PSE PRO members.



Fear Factor – Altis
A discussion between Dr Andrew Huberman, Brian Mackenzie, and Rob Wilson on Fear and Anxiety in Sport.

180 Nutrition
Stanford University, breath work and swimming with sharks.

The Brevity Code
Swimming with great white sharks, breath work, ultra running madness and exposure work.

The Airborne Mind
A deep dive into the science and physiology behind breathing

Barbell Shrugged
The Power Of Breath & Temperature W/ Brian Mackenzie

Lion Heart Radio
The art of breath and efficient training with Brian Mackenzie

Mind Coaching Podcast
Brian Mackenzie about working with Jon Jones and breathing exercises