Greetings all,

Power Speed Endurance and the Art of Breath Team are taking note of the current situation as a sign to make our information and content more accessible to more people.

We understand that most of us will not be traveling for quite some time and that travel itself may change significantly as will life. Either way, we were all designed to adapt and we as a whole will.

We are in the process of transitioning our current seminars to an accessible portal online and even adding more up-to-date information and content.

We are working fast to offer up as much free content as possible, starting with some basic information centered around stress management.

The most important thing for everyone right now is staying connected, and that begins with self-connection. This connection is our direct link to nature and understanding what we really feel or what we are thinking. This is why breath is so important.

Please keep an eye out on our social channels and email for upcoming content and information pertinent to keeping us connected.

Our best,
Brian MacKenzie
CEO Power Speed Endurance

Rob Wilson
Art of Breath Co-Creator and PSE Head of Breathwork Education

Jason Donaldson
PSE Director of Training